Iris & Felix couple shoot photography Amsterdam

Couple shoot photography Amsterdam

When we decide to go in Holland in april for the engagement session of Iris and felix, it was our first trip to Amsterdam.

The special charm of this port city was really fascinating to us. Look at this colors in the city, the raw and beautiful protestant architecture! We are sure to come back in tis city to visit the museum, because we are so fan of flemish paintings…

We love coupleshoots, it’s the best way to meet you, to have pictures of your real daily life.  We actualy love also intimate session! When we can combine photography with a city trip, it’s great! It’s always nice to explore new cities and places and to meet people from different countries in Europe. We had the special feeling as if we have known each other for a long time. The story of this couple is fantastic : they meet in China when they were young, after being separated for studies, they finaly take a housing in Amsterdam to leave together.

And now let the pictures take you to Amsterdam and enjoy this engagement shoot. Thank you really much Iris & Felix, it was a big pleasure for us to descover your city and to meet you before your french-chinese wedding in Normandy!

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